Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Endangered Animals--Research and Art--Fourth Grade

Welcome to the Endangered Animals Project!

This project was done by the fourth grade and was a combined effort of the Library Research Program and the Art program. For the project, students did the following:

  • chose an endangered animal in the world
  • researched their animal and wrote a blog post
  • drew/sketched their endangered animal
  • created the same design on a plate
  • sculpted the animal in a cup form
The lesson was aligned to the California State Standards in Science, developed skills in research and writing, implemented the principles of design and the elements of art, and encouraged students to develop individual aesthetics.

Students used a wonderful website for their research that you can find at Please scroll down to see all the students' postings.

We hope you enjoy their work!

Monday, March 2, 2009


Elephants are a very interesting animal of Africa. When the elephants are born they are brown, and over time they turn to gray. Their diet is grasses, leaves, bamboo, and many more things. The reason why they are endangered is because they have lost their habitat and people have been poaching. I love elephants and I hope people will stop endangering them.