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A World of Gods and Goddesses--Sixth Grade 2008

A World of Gods and Goddesses

Greek Black Figure Pottery

This project was a collaboration between the Art Program and the Library/Research Program. The Greeks used myths and supernatural events to explain everything that seemed mysterious--the season, the weather, even the meaning of life and death. Twelve of the most important gods and goddesses were selected. Sixth grade students chose their subject by drawing names from a vessel.

The learning objectives for this collaborative lesson include:
  • art history
  • positive/negative image
  • line, shape, contrast
  • transfer method
  • research
  • ethical blog posting

In Art, each student etched the image of their god or goddess into greenware from silhouetted handouts, painted over the image with underglaze, drew through the underglaze over incised lines, and created the name of the god or goddess using the Greek alphabet.

In Library, students researched their god or goddess and then wrote a short essay which included a paragraph on what they thought their god or goddess would say to the world today. This essay was posted on the blog along with a photograph of their pottery.

The class worked beautifully on this project following each step to create a piece of art and a thoughtful research paper.

Please enjoy their posts below and feel free to leave a comment!

~Mrs. Kaganoff (Art) & Mrs. Pedersen (Library)

Ares MG

Ares was a fierce, intense, and strong God. His Roman name was Mars. Most other gods feared him and trembled in his presence. He would always be wearing armor to be prepared to battle at any time. But this didn’t mean he wasn’t stylish... his armour was gold with a coat of iron for strength. His helmet had a blue feather Mohawk and a vulture and a dog on the side of his helmet which were his symbols to symbolize his strength and courage.

The truth was that Ares was not at all courageous or brave. He had been chased off the battlefield by mortals that were fighting for peace when he was fighting just for the fun of it. Most of the men he killed were running away from him because they were scared of him or they would freeze or die in fright.

I believe he would be very proud of the world today because he believes in pointless fighting and no peace. He would want the war in Iraq to continue, no peace in the middle east and, would want America to keep being stupid to keep pollution and global warming going and wouldn’t like to stop any pain or suffering because this would all lead to further war and he loves war.

Artemis-The Goddess of the Hunt N.H.

Artemis was the goddess of the hunt, moon, wood/forest, hills, and children. She was the daughter of Zeus and Leto, and the deer and cypress were sacred, representing her. She also helped with childbirth, but brought swift death with her arrows. She was often depicted as a beautiful young woman in buckskin clothes, holding a bow and arrow.
Artemis was extremely associated with chastity and virginity, and was a celibate, but in some cities, she was goddess of fertility. She was such a believer in virginity, that all of her companions (wood nymphs, etc.) were celibates. If they changed their ways, however, they may be killed by her arrows. If a man tried to approach her romantically, or accidentally stumbled upon her nude, they would also be killed. One example of that is of the great hunter Actaeon, who, while in the forest, came across a pool where Artemis and her wood nymphs were bathing. Artemis turned him into a deer and set his own hounds on him.
Imagine Artemis was around today. What would she think? I believe that she would be upset about a thing or two. With her very great belief in chastity and virginity, I think she would be immensely upset with all the immorality in the media, etc. Her animals were sacred to her, but she was the goddess of hunting, so she might disapprove of the endangerment of various species, but she also might be up for the hunting. She was sort of a “nature girl,” and valued the environment, so global warming would not rest well with her.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Hephaestus T.S.

Hephaestus is a Greek god the god of fire. He was a very muscular blacksmith. He had a great mind for envisioning what he wanted to have his sculpture look like. He was born with a lame leg, which caused him to limp, but he didn’t let it affect him while he was working.
His supernatural power of fire was especially focused on the blacksmith’s fire, which would help him work. He had a couple attributes one was the forge which is how you “make or shape a metal object by heating it in fire.” His other attribute is fire a very powerful, and strong symbol.
The most fascinating thing my god did was survive the fall from Mt. Olympus. His mother and father Hera and Zeus were fighting during the time he was born. He lived with it for a few years around four. They were fighting because Zeus couldn’t take it that his son was born with a limp leg, but Hera said he should love him for who he is. Around age five Hephaestus sided with his mother for being so kind to him. When Zeus heard this he decided the only way to deal with him was to throw him off Mt. Olympus. When he did Hephaestus flew for nine days and nine nights until he fell on the island of Lemnos where he built his palace and forges under a volcano.
If my god was alive today he would say, “There should be stricter rules for people who are caught drunk driving.” The reason he would say this is because he was addicted to rum, and I think he would not want anyone to go down that long dreadful road he went down.


Hades D.J.

Hades is the god of the under world. He is a Greek god. Hades was supposedly old, sad, and tormented. His function was death, being king of the under world. His attributes were helmets, metals, and jewels. The most interesting thing about him was that he lived in a gloomy realm of wailing ghosts and lost and evil souls. Something he would say today would be, “Good job keep dying, more business for me. Use more energy than you need, pollute, have more wars, and do bad things.”

Hera MM


My Goddess is Hera. She is a strict looking Greek Goddess. She was beautiful, black haired, light skinned and tall woman.
Hera is the goddess of marriage, everyone, and beauty. Her Attribute was the owl. Also, her husband, Zeus, god of sky and weather, thunder, lighting, and rain, and the god of all gods and goddess.
I think that the most interesting thing about my goddess is that she's the goddess of everyone, and beauty, and marriage. I think that the people need a goddess like Hera because she is very powerful. She also keeps everyone in order by pairing them up.
I think if Hera were in the world at this time, she would kill everyone that got a divorce. I think that because she is the Goddess of marriage and if she found that out, she would be very angry. Also I think she would be mad that the people who got plastic surgery because she is the goddess of beauty.

Hestia WH


My goddess is Hestia. Her appearance would be seen as long flowing hair, and modest dressing, she was often seen wearing a veil. A warm aura is said to be flowing around her. Most would agree that Hestia was definitely the most gentle and welcoming of all the Olympians.

Hestia Was goddess of the hearth and the home, every hearth on earth was her altar. She always remained at Mount Olympus, welcoming back gods who stayed there for a homecoming. She would tend the fire in the hall of Olympus, keeping all the gods alive. Lastly she discovered how to construct houses. Her symbol was the eternal flame, and the hearth.

Something interesting about Hestia is that she is the god of the hearth, which is a little area that is placed right before the fire. She tended the fire in the hall of Olympus, which kept the gods alive. She was also the kindest of all the Olympians. Also, she never became a part of the struggles of other gods.

If my goddess were able to see what present day earth looked like, she would probably think it is sad, and would turn her face away in shame. She would be very upset about modern problems like pollution and global warming. She would react most of all to the wars like the Iraq war, and the wars in Africa. She would think they are appalling, and gruesome. She is the goddess of kindness and gentleness, and the world today shows little of the two, therefore my goddess would be shocked at the world today.


Apollo CA

Apollo was a handsome god. He took the form of a young man. Apollo had blond curly hair and no beard. Sometimes Apollo took the form of a dolphin.
Apollo has many symbols and functions. The lyre was one symbol because he was the god of music and light. The bow was his symbol because he and his sister, Artimis, were great hunters. The sun was his symbol because he was the god of light. He also was the god of healing.
Apollo has down many interesting things. Although the most interesting thing he has down is when he killed the serpent Gaia. Gaia was the old patron goddess of Delphi, but when he found out that the serpent tried to kill his mother, Leto, he set off to kill it. He did and claimed Delphi for himself.
Some people would ask what would Apollo say about the world today? I think he would love that music as pretty much taken over the world. Although it think he would hate the pollution because it blocks out the sun.

Poseidon JI

Poseidon was a Greek god who like other gods, appeared with many qualities of a human. Poseidon had long wavy hair which rapped around his head. He had a lengthy mustache that flowed down from his upper lip to his beard. One thing that Poseidon always carried around with him was his trident. Poseidon was unique in more than just his appearance.

Poseidon is one of the most powerful gods in Greek Mythology. He has control over the sea, making him have a lot of control over any people traveling over seas. Not only did he have control over salt water but also fresh water. All earthquakes are also under the control of Poseidon. Finally Poseidon was the god of horses and bulls. All of these powers contribute to who Poseidon is.

Not only was Poseidon powerful he was interesting in several ways. Poseidon would send a fierce tidal wave at anyone who angered him. Whenever Poseidon rode over seas in his golden chariot the seas were calm. Poseidon could create horses out of the crests of waves. For those who he did not trust he would dry up near by lakes and other bodies of water. Each of Poseidon’s powers were used for what he thought was right, and for his own benefit.

If Poseidon was here today I believe he would have countless things to say to our world. I think he would say, “ In the current world the oceans are repulsive. We must clean the oceans not only to save ourselves but our future generations.” I believe that Poseidon would encourage, and discourage global warming. I believe he would encourage it for the reason that it is melting giant glaciers making the amount of water in the world increase, giving him more power. I imagine that he would discourage it because it causes the air and oceans to be polluted to. Over all Poseidon would want to change the world for the better of everyone.


Zeus QD


The god I am doing is Zeus. Zeus was a Greek that had very curly hair. His hair would cover almost his whole head. He was really big and supper strong which made him very scary to some people. Zeus was also very powerful.
Zeus was the god of the sky including rain, thunder, and lightning. His attributes were to give power and make it orderly in the Greek society. Having all theses powers made him able to call rain and lighting.
There are so many interesting facts about him. For example his nickname is Jupiter and his main symbol is the thunderbolt. The one fact that I think is the most interesting is when he gets mad or someone angers him he hurls or shoots thunder bolts. I think that one is interesting because the thunderbolt is his symbol, so it is like throwing his simple at you.
If Zeus was here today I think that he would probably say something like, try to stop global warming, and start to use electric cars. He also might try to get out of the Iraq war by having piece with them. I think that it would be really cool If Zeus could visit and if I could I would definitely ask him tons of questions.


Hermes JC

Have you ever heard of the Greek god Hermes? He was like no others. Hermes' main job was to be the messenger of the gods, and accompany souls to the underworld. He had brown hair, and wore a hat of straw, and winged sandals that helped him fly to deliver news from one god to another. Hermes was a very important god of Ancient Greece.

One very interesting fact about Hermes is that when he was born he invented fire and the lyre. Also, he was the son of Zeus, king of the gods, and Maia, a minor goddess. Hermes was also concerned with sheep and goats. Another thing is that Hermes loaned his winged sandals to Perseus when he went to fight the gorgon Medusa and gave him a helmet of invisibility. Hermes also carried a staff entwined with snakes.

If Hermes was in the world today I think the level of our technology would impress him. But he would be surprised of what the world has become. With our pollution, wars, and global warming, he might be angry that we didn't take care of Earth. I would agree with him because we don't really take care of Earth, but we say we do.




Apollo was one of the most extraordinary Greek gods. He was a young man with locks of short, curly, golden hair. He was also beardless and was one of the most handsome gods.

Apollo had many different functions and symbols. He was the god of prophesy, music, and healing. These were his known functions. His symbols were the sun, the lyre (a musical instrument), the bow, the chariot, the crow, and the dolphin. I think that the lyre was one of his symbols because he was the god of music. The crow is the symbol for disease, which makes sense why it was his symbol because he is also the god of healing. Apollo was a very important part of Greek history.

There are numerous interesting, and fascinating facts about Apollo. One fact is that he has a twin sister, Artemis. The most fascinating fact about Apollo in my opinion is that he never got married. I thought that because he is known as being very handsome, he would be married. Did you know that his Roman name is still Apollo? He is also the son of Zeus and Leto. Overall, Apollo was a very fascinating man.

If my god, Apollo, were to say anything to the world today, I think that he would say, “Why do we have to fight? Fighting causes death and injuries. You see, I have to heal these injuries, and it hurts me to see people who are hurt. When I am healing them, I think about their home life. Some of these fighters have families (husbands or wifes, and sometimes children). I mean, I understand why they are fighting, but why can’t we fight without violence. Oh, and by the way, you parted your hair the wrong way.”




Aphrodite is a Greek goddess. Aphrodite is a very beautiful goddess. She is a woman who is a blonde, with bangs made out of ringlets. Aphrodite usually wears dresses as her clothing. As for jewelry, Aphrodite wears a golden necklace with golden droplets.
Aphrodite is the goddess of love, beauty, and fertility; which are shown in her pictures. Aphrodite’s sign can sometimes be flowers, which represent fertility. Also another attribute of hers is that usually there is a dove with Aphrodite in her pictures. Sometimes, there can also be a goose with Aphrodite. Her attribute for beauty is herself, because she is extraordinarily beautiful.
Aphrodite was considered one of the most stunning goddesses. The Trojan prince, Paris, had to choose which of three goddesses was the most beautiful. The choices were Hera, Athena, and Aphrodite. Out of the three, Aphrodite was chosen the most beautiful.
Today, there are many horrible things going on in the world. For example, there is global warming because of the big cars, and all the oil we are applying. I would expect that Aphrodite would be extremely against the entire world becoming more and more ruined. A reason why she would be against global warming is because she is the goddess of fertility (and love and beauty), and she would be against all the trees and the nature being ruined.
By M.W.

Athena JR.


My goddess is Athena. Athena is a Greek goddess. Athena has semi-light skin, dark brown hair, and brown eyes. Athena wears clothes fit for war, including helmets. She also carries spears with her. Athena was born from Zeus’ head.
Athena is the goddess of crafts, domestic arts, and war. Her symbol is the owl. Athena is the patron goddess of Athens. By the late Classic, she had come to be regarded as a goddess of wisdom.
Athena wanted to become Athens’ patron deity, so she caused an olive tree to spring up on the Acropolis. The reason she did this, was because she was in a competition with Poseidon to become Athens’ deity. Athena won the competition, and became Athens’ patron deity. Congrats Athena!
If Athena was talking about the war in Iraq, I think she would say, “Only fight if you must.” If she were talking about global warming and pollution, I think she might say, “I wish we didn’t have things such as global warming and pollution that ruin this beautiful earth.”

Zeus D.T.W.


Zeus was a very powerful god. He was Greek and was also the king of all of the gods and goddesses. He was big and strong. He looked like a hairy wig from the sky. In fact he was the god of the sky. He also controlled thunderstorms and rain and lightning.

He was the god of all gods. To use his power he used lightning bolts to gain attention and to make others fear him. He also brought order to his Greek community by threatening to hurl lightning bolts to destruct the rule breakers.

One of the very fascinating things about Zeus is that his brothers and sisters were swallowed by his father Cornus. Later in his life, he made his father vomit up his sisters and brothers. Also, one of his other names was Jupiter.

Zeus would think that the amount of pollution was so bad he might destroy something unnecessary like cars and factories. He might interfere in the war between Iraq and USA. He might also think that elections are stupid because he wants to rule everybody and everything. Zeus was awesome and now he is like dust in the wind.


Hestia SMM

Hestia, the goddess of the

Hestia is a Greek goddess who the Greeks had and sort of still do believe in. She was believed to dress modestly and kindly. She was often shown wearing a veil. She was not described beautiful, but some believed that she was as beautiful as she was gentle. She was the eldest sister of Zeus and the oldest child of Cronus and Rhea.
Hestia was the sweetest, gentlest, and most generous of all the gods. She never argued with anyone. Some say that every human's fire is her fire as she watched over them. She is the goddess of the Hearth and Home and takes care of the family. Her symbol is the flame. Even though she was the goddess of the home, she refused to be married. She remained a virgin goddess.
Hestia is such a wonderful goddess because when you first find out what she is the goddess of you think it's nothing. But really it is something. She protects the home and families. She watches over them like a Christmas angel, She takes care of families and her own. Some Greeks had even carried a certain fire with them in her honor.
If Hestia could see the world today she would be very dissapointed. All this fighting and war. All the blood and tear from innocent people. And pollution and global warming! It kills the earth. And that's just the begining. Even people just in regular cities. Murder, rape, drugs, drinking, and smoking and such! It kills people, puts them in bad places, and puts them in captivity. She would be very dissapointed with everyone. Even in just homes, there are some that are pretty nice. They treat each other well and take care of each other. But some are just wrong. With cursing, drinking, hitting, and so much more fighting. Sometimes people wish that Hestia herself could be here today and put an end to all these big and small wars.



The Greek goddess Atemis was a very important goddess to Greek mythology. She was considered very beautiful, but she was a virgin and did not believe in love. Her appearance was quite eye appealing, she had brown wavy hair and wore a short costume leaving her legs free. Artemis’ symbol was the bow and arrow and she carried it with her everywere. Overall Artemis was a beautiful and strong woman.

Artemis was the goddess of the hunt and one of the twelve Olympians. She was the twin sister of Apollo and her Roman name was Diana. Artemis was also the daughter of Zeus and Leto. Also Apollo and Artemis were born under a palm tree in Delos. Artemis and Apollo were best friends and were always kind to each other.

Artemis was a very interesting and fascinating goddess. For example, although Artemis is a virgin she is one of the many goddess involved with childbirth. She had very different opinions then other goddess though, for instance, if a male were to ever see her bathing she ordered them to be torn apart. And also she was in love with her floppy eared dog, so that shows that Artemis is not totally heartless.

Even though Artemis is not here with us now, if that were the case here is what I believe she would say about the war in Iraq. As I had mentioned before Artemis is a very strong and independent women and was also the goddess of the hunt. I believe that Artemis would feel very strongly about many of the subjects, but most of all the was in Iraq. Artemis was the goddess of the hunt so I believe that she would have something to say. Also I believe that she would also have something to day about global warming. All of the Greek gods and goddess’ cared about the earth that they lived on and I have confidence in the fact that one day we will learn to be more like them.


Athena MDC


Need help with a plan or strategy? Or maybe a painting gone wrong? One sure-fire way to get help is to go to that one goddess of war, skill, fine arts, and wisdom: Athena. This goddess was very skilled at arts and crafts, and planning strategies for war. She is one of the Greek Olympians, who sit atop the legendary Mount Olympus, watching in approval (or disapproval) the mortals that go about below. Athena was a respected goddess in Greece, and although she was Greek, her Roman equivalent is called Minerva. In common Greek art, she is usually depicted with her helm on her head and her legendary shield in her hand. She is usually dressed in full armor, being the goddess of war, but she is exceedingly beautiful.
A few of Athena’s attributes are the olive tree, an owl, her helm, and the celebrated shield with Medusa’s head imprinted on it. Whoever glances at this deadly shield will be suddenly turned to stone. The olive tree is typically associated with Athena because of one of many Greek myths where a contest took place between Athena and Poseidon, the sea god. They were competing to see who would be the patron god of Athens, the capital city of Greece. They would each give a gift to the city, and whoever gave the best gift would come out as the winner. Poseidon began by presenting a lovely saltwater spring. Athena then produced the olive tree. The tree gave many resources, whereas the spring was lovely but not useful. Athena had won the contest.
Athena was the child of Zeus and Metis. She was born by coming straight out of Zeus’s head, fully grown and armed. Because of this, Athena has always been the favorite child of Zeus. Also, because of her skill in making strategies, she has never lost a battle, not even to the war god, Ares.
I think that if Athena ever saw the way we have made progress in science and the arts, she would be very proud, seeing as she herself introduced science to the world. If someone explained to her about the elections, she would probably be confused. I think that she would think that if we’re going to choose a president, it should be someone who is not mortal, like the Olympians. All in all, I think Athena would be proud of the way our world has developed.