Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Hestia WH


My goddess is Hestia. Her appearance would be seen as long flowing hair, and modest dressing, she was often seen wearing a veil. A warm aura is said to be flowing around her. Most would agree that Hestia was definitely the most gentle and welcoming of all the Olympians.

Hestia Was goddess of the hearth and the home, every hearth on earth was her altar. She always remained at Mount Olympus, welcoming back gods who stayed there for a homecoming. She would tend the fire in the hall of Olympus, keeping all the gods alive. Lastly she discovered how to construct houses. Her symbol was the eternal flame, and the hearth.

Something interesting about Hestia is that she is the god of the hearth, which is a little area that is placed right before the fire. She tended the fire in the hall of Olympus, which kept the gods alive. She was also the kindest of all the Olympians. Also, she never became a part of the struggles of other gods.

If my goddess were able to see what present day earth looked like, she would probably think it is sad, and would turn her face away in shame. She would be very upset about modern problems like pollution and global warming. She would react most of all to the wars like the Iraq war, and the wars in Africa. She would think they are appalling, and gruesome. She is the goddess of kindness and gentleness, and the world today shows little of the two, therefore my goddess would be shocked at the world today.


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