Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Athena JR.


My goddess is Athena. Athena is a Greek goddess. Athena has semi-light skin, dark brown hair, and brown eyes. Athena wears clothes fit for war, including helmets. She also carries spears with her. Athena was born from Zeus’ head.
Athena is the goddess of crafts, domestic arts, and war. Her symbol is the owl. Athena is the patron goddess of Athens. By the late Classic, she had come to be regarded as a goddess of wisdom.
Athena wanted to become Athens’ patron deity, so she caused an olive tree to spring up on the Acropolis. The reason she did this, was because she was in a competition with Poseidon to become Athens’ deity. Athena won the competition, and became Athens’ patron deity. Congrats Athena!
If Athena was talking about the war in Iraq, I think she would say, “Only fight if you must.” If she were talking about global warming and pollution, I think she might say, “I wish we didn’t have things such as global warming and pollution that ruin this beautiful earth.”

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