Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Poseidon JI

Poseidon was a Greek god who like other gods, appeared with many qualities of a human. Poseidon had long wavy hair which rapped around his head. He had a lengthy mustache that flowed down from his upper lip to his beard. One thing that Poseidon always carried around with him was his trident. Poseidon was unique in more than just his appearance.

Poseidon is one of the most powerful gods in Greek Mythology. He has control over the sea, making him have a lot of control over any people traveling over seas. Not only did he have control over salt water but also fresh water. All earthquakes are also under the control of Poseidon. Finally Poseidon was the god of horses and bulls. All of these powers contribute to who Poseidon is.

Not only was Poseidon powerful he was interesting in several ways. Poseidon would send a fierce tidal wave at anyone who angered him. Whenever Poseidon rode over seas in his golden chariot the seas were calm. Poseidon could create horses out of the crests of waves. For those who he did not trust he would dry up near by lakes and other bodies of water. Each of Poseidon’s powers were used for what he thought was right, and for his own benefit.

If Poseidon was here today I believe he would have countless things to say to our world. I think he would say, “ In the current world the oceans are repulsive. We must clean the oceans not only to save ourselves but our future generations.” I believe that Poseidon would encourage, and discourage global warming. I believe he would encourage it for the reason that it is melting giant glaciers making the amount of water in the world increase, giving him more power. I imagine that he would discourage it because it causes the air and oceans to be polluted to. Over all Poseidon would want to change the world for the better of everyone.


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This is a great project! All the students did a wonderful job, both on their research and the execution of the art project itself. At first, I did not realize that the plates were done by the students. BRAVO!

Susan Iwanaga