Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Ares MG

Ares was a fierce, intense, and strong God. His Roman name was Mars. Most other gods feared him and trembled in his presence. He would always be wearing armor to be prepared to battle at any time. But this didn’t mean he wasn’t stylish... his armour was gold with a coat of iron for strength. His helmet had a blue feather Mohawk and a vulture and a dog on the side of his helmet which were his symbols to symbolize his strength and courage.

The truth was that Ares was not at all courageous or brave. He had been chased off the battlefield by mortals that were fighting for peace when he was fighting just for the fun of it. Most of the men he killed were running away from him because they were scared of him or they would freeze or die in fright.

I believe he would be very proud of the world today because he believes in pointless fighting and no peace. He would want the war in Iraq to continue, no peace in the middle east and, would want America to keep being stupid to keep pollution and global warming going and wouldn’t like to stop any pain or suffering because this would all lead to further war and he loves war.

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