Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Zeus QD


The god I am doing is Zeus. Zeus was a Greek that had very curly hair. His hair would cover almost his whole head. He was really big and supper strong which made him very scary to some people. Zeus was also very powerful.
Zeus was the god of the sky including rain, thunder, and lightning. His attributes were to give power and make it orderly in the Greek society. Having all theses powers made him able to call rain and lighting.
There are so many interesting facts about him. For example his nickname is Jupiter and his main symbol is the thunderbolt. The one fact that I think is the most interesting is when he gets mad or someone angers him he hurls or shoots thunder bolts. I think that one is interesting because the thunderbolt is his symbol, so it is like throwing his simple at you.
If Zeus was here today I think that he would probably say something like, try to stop global warming, and start to use electric cars. He also might try to get out of the Iraq war by having piece with them. I think that it would be really cool If Zeus could visit and if I could I would definitely ask him tons of questions.


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