Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Hephaestus T.S.

Hephaestus is a Greek god the god of fire. He was a very muscular blacksmith. He had a great mind for envisioning what he wanted to have his sculpture look like. He was born with a lame leg, which caused him to limp, but he didn’t let it affect him while he was working.
His supernatural power of fire was especially focused on the blacksmith’s fire, which would help him work. He had a couple attributes one was the forge which is how you “make or shape a metal object by heating it in fire.” His other attribute is fire a very powerful, and strong symbol.
The most fascinating thing my god did was survive the fall from Mt. Olympus. His mother and father Hera and Zeus were fighting during the time he was born. He lived with it for a few years around four. They were fighting because Zeus couldn’t take it that his son was born with a limp leg, but Hera said he should love him for who he is. Around age five Hephaestus sided with his mother for being so kind to him. When Zeus heard this he decided the only way to deal with him was to throw him off Mt. Olympus. When he did Hephaestus flew for nine days and nine nights until he fell on the island of Lemnos where he built his palace and forges under a volcano.
If my god was alive today he would say, “There should be stricter rules for people who are caught drunk driving.” The reason he would say this is because he was addicted to rum, and I think he would not want anyone to go down that long dreadful road he went down.


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