Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Hera MM


My Goddess is Hera. She is a strict looking Greek Goddess. She was beautiful, black haired, light skinned and tall woman.
Hera is the goddess of marriage, everyone, and beauty. Her Attribute was the owl. Also, her husband, Zeus, god of sky and weather, thunder, lighting, and rain, and the god of all gods and goddess.
I think that the most interesting thing about my goddess is that she's the goddess of everyone, and beauty, and marriage. I think that the people need a goddess like Hera because she is very powerful. She also keeps everyone in order by pairing them up.
I think if Hera were in the world at this time, she would kill everyone that got a divorce. I think that because she is the Goddess of marriage and if she found that out, she would be very angry. Also I think she would be mad that the people who got plastic surgery because she is the goddess of beauty.

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