Wednesday, May 7, 2008


The Greek goddess Atemis was a very important goddess to Greek mythology. She was considered very beautiful, but she was a virgin and did not believe in love. Her appearance was quite eye appealing, she had brown wavy hair and wore a short costume leaving her legs free. Artemis’ symbol was the bow and arrow and she carried it with her everywere. Overall Artemis was a beautiful and strong woman.

Artemis was the goddess of the hunt and one of the twelve Olympians. She was the twin sister of Apollo and her Roman name was Diana. Artemis was also the daughter of Zeus and Leto. Also Apollo and Artemis were born under a palm tree in Delos. Artemis and Apollo were best friends and were always kind to each other.

Artemis was a very interesting and fascinating goddess. For example, although Artemis is a virgin she is one of the many goddess involved with childbirth. She had very different opinions then other goddess though, for instance, if a male were to ever see her bathing she ordered them to be torn apart. And also she was in love with her floppy eared dog, so that shows that Artemis is not totally heartless.

Even though Artemis is not here with us now, if that were the case here is what I believe she would say about the war in Iraq. As I had mentioned before Artemis is a very strong and independent women and was also the goddess of the hunt. I believe that Artemis would feel very strongly about many of the subjects, but most of all the was in Iraq. Artemis was the goddess of the hunt so I believe that she would have something to say. Also I believe that she would also have something to day about global warming. All of the Greek gods and goddess’ cared about the earth that they lived on and I have confidence in the fact that one day we will learn to be more like them.


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