Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Hermes JC

Have you ever heard of the Greek god Hermes? He was like no others. Hermes' main job was to be the messenger of the gods, and accompany souls to the underworld. He had brown hair, and wore a hat of straw, and winged sandals that helped him fly to deliver news from one god to another. Hermes was a very important god of Ancient Greece.

One very interesting fact about Hermes is that when he was born he invented fire and the lyre. Also, he was the son of Zeus, king of the gods, and Maia, a minor goddess. Hermes was also concerned with sheep and goats. Another thing is that Hermes loaned his winged sandals to Perseus when he went to fight the gorgon Medusa and gave him a helmet of invisibility. Hermes also carried a staff entwined with snakes.

If Hermes was in the world today I think the level of our technology would impress him. But he would be surprised of what the world has become. With our pollution, wars, and global warming, he might be angry that we didn't take care of Earth. I would agree with him because we don't really take care of Earth, but we say we do.


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