Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Athena MDC


Need help with a plan or strategy? Or maybe a painting gone wrong? One sure-fire way to get help is to go to that one goddess of war, skill, fine arts, and wisdom: Athena. This goddess was very skilled at arts and crafts, and planning strategies for war. She is one of the Greek Olympians, who sit atop the legendary Mount Olympus, watching in approval (or disapproval) the mortals that go about below. Athena was a respected goddess in Greece, and although she was Greek, her Roman equivalent is called Minerva. In common Greek art, she is usually depicted with her helm on her head and her legendary shield in her hand. She is usually dressed in full armor, being the goddess of war, but she is exceedingly beautiful.
A few of Athena’s attributes are the olive tree, an owl, her helm, and the celebrated shield with Medusa’s head imprinted on it. Whoever glances at this deadly shield will be suddenly turned to stone. The olive tree is typically associated with Athena because of one of many Greek myths where a contest took place between Athena and Poseidon, the sea god. They were competing to see who would be the patron god of Athens, the capital city of Greece. They would each give a gift to the city, and whoever gave the best gift would come out as the winner. Poseidon began by presenting a lovely saltwater spring. Athena then produced the olive tree. The tree gave many resources, whereas the spring was lovely but not useful. Athena had won the contest.
Athena was the child of Zeus and Metis. She was born by coming straight out of Zeus’s head, fully grown and armed. Because of this, Athena has always been the favorite child of Zeus. Also, because of her skill in making strategies, she has never lost a battle, not even to the war god, Ares.
I think that if Athena ever saw the way we have made progress in science and the arts, she would be very proud, seeing as she herself introduced science to the world. If someone explained to her about the elections, she would probably be confused. I think that she would think that if we’re going to choose a president, it should be someone who is not mortal, like the Olympians. All in all, I think Athena would be proud of the way our world has developed.


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