Wednesday, May 7, 2008



Apollo was one of the most extraordinary Greek gods. He was a young man with locks of short, curly, golden hair. He was also beardless and was one of the most handsome gods.

Apollo had many different functions and symbols. He was the god of prophesy, music, and healing. These were his known functions. His symbols were the sun, the lyre (a musical instrument), the bow, the chariot, the crow, and the dolphin. I think that the lyre was one of his symbols because he was the god of music. The crow is the symbol for disease, which makes sense why it was his symbol because he is also the god of healing. Apollo was a very important part of Greek history.

There are numerous interesting, and fascinating facts about Apollo. One fact is that he has a twin sister, Artemis. The most fascinating fact about Apollo in my opinion is that he never got married. I thought that because he is known as being very handsome, he would be married. Did you know that his Roman name is still Apollo? He is also the son of Zeus and Leto. Overall, Apollo was a very fascinating man.

If my god, Apollo, were to say anything to the world today, I think that he would say, “Why do we have to fight? Fighting causes death and injuries. You see, I have to heal these injuries, and it hurts me to see people who are hurt. When I am healing them, I think about their home life. Some of these fighters have families (husbands or wifes, and sometimes children). I mean, I understand why they are fighting, but why can’t we fight without violence. Oh, and by the way, you parted your hair the wrong way.”


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