Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A World of Gods and Goddesses--Sixth Grade 2008

A World of Gods and Goddesses

Greek Black Figure Pottery

This project was a collaboration between the Art Program and the Library/Research Program. The Greeks used myths and supernatural events to explain everything that seemed mysterious--the season, the weather, even the meaning of life and death. Twelve of the most important gods and goddesses were selected. Sixth grade students chose their subject by drawing names from a vessel.

The learning objectives for this collaborative lesson include:
  • art history
  • positive/negative image
  • line, shape, contrast
  • transfer method
  • research
  • ethical blog posting

In Art, each student etched the image of their god or goddess into greenware from silhouetted handouts, painted over the image with underglaze, drew through the underglaze over incised lines, and created the name of the god or goddess using the Greek alphabet.

In Library, students researched their god or goddess and then wrote a short essay which included a paragraph on what they thought their god or goddess would say to the world today. This essay was posted on the blog along with a photograph of their pottery.

The class worked beautifully on this project following each step to create a piece of art and a thoughtful research paper.

Please enjoy their posts below and feel free to leave a comment!

~Mrs. Kaganoff (Art) & Mrs. Pedersen (Library)

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