Friday, February 27, 2009


What a unique spotted animal the giraffe is and it could soon be gone. Giraffes have spots, long necks, and long legs. Giraffes are up to nineteen feet tall. This animal can live in savannas all over eastern and southern Africa. Giraffe's favorite dinner would be leaves of the acacia tree. Giraffes don't normally drink water, they get it from leaves. The giraffe has three threats. One is people who want tails for bracelets, two--they want meat to eat, and three--they want the coat for a shield. Next time you go to buy any of those things, think first.


A world would be sad without penguins. Penguins are black and white and their beaks are yellow. They are found in Antarctica. They eat krill, fish, and squid. They are threatened by sharks and seals. Please save the penguins.

Thursday, February 26, 2009


I think its quite sad that some beautiful animals, such as the hummingbird, are endangered. Hummingbirds have specialized long bills and they are bright and tropic colors. Also hummingbirds only live on the Western Hemisphere. Most of them live in the tropics. Hummingbirds often eat flower nectar and insects. A fact about their eating is that when they eat nectar it takes them thirteen licks per second with their long tongue. The saddest part about the hummingbird is that they are killed by hunters for their rare and beautiful feathers. If we stop hunting hummingbirds then they may be able to live.


Koalas have always been a favorite animal to many people, but that could end someday soon. Koalas have soft grey fur, gray on the top, white on the bottom. They also have white hairs on their eartips. They have little black eyes and black noses. Koalas have sharp claws so they can hug and cling on to trees. The Koalas range stretches all the way across Australia. Today they can be found in Queensland, new South Wales, Victoria, and South America. Koalas eat mostly leaves, such as eucalyptus tree leaves and tree bark. They can consume mistletoe and box leaves. Once, numbering in the millions, Koalas suffered major declines in population during the 1920s when they were hunted for their soft fur. Also, dogs kills about 4,000 Koalas yearly! I hope someday you will help Koalas population increase!

Sea Turtle--L.H.

The baby sea turtle is dying because of the filthy things we've done! Who can save it? My animal's shell is streamlined for swimming in water. It can also not put his legs or arms back in his shell. The baby sea turtle lives in warm temperate waters hundreds of miles between nesting and feeding grounds. Most sea turtles all eat jellyfish, seaweed, crabs, shrimps, sponges, sea snails, algae, and finally mollusks. All of the sea turtles are endangered because their habitat is threatened by fisheries, the im0act of coastal development, pollution (of course), pathogens, and global warming!


A couple of weeks ago, I noticed a gorgeous animal is in danger! Our very own bison. Bison have a flat face. Like most animals, bison have hair all over them. Bison wander all over North America, Mexico, and Canada. They have a flat face with a big, cute nose. Also, bison have two horns next to their ears. Bison are very strange when it comes to their diet. They eat grass, flowers, and other herbs. Their predator is a cheetah, a tiger, humanoid, and mountain lions. Why it is endangered is they didn't mate with other bison. They would meet with bulls, cows, and only sometimes other bison. These animals need help. Can you help?

Snow Leopard--K.W.

Go into a world unknown, the secrets of a dangerous life of great power and responsibility. This is the life the snow leopard faces every day. The snow leopard prowls around in Asia. What this cat loves for lunch is wild sheep, goats, birds, and small rodents. I would rather stick to human food. You thought they were so powerful they had no threats, right? Well, it is all our faults for hunting them for fur boots, jackets, and even just for money and the fun of it.


The elephant is endangered. It is no harm to you and me, so why are we making them endangered? The elephant is a brown/dark grey color. They have long coarse hairs and very thick skin to keep them cool. Elephants usually live in Asia, Africa, and the savanna. This big animal eats a lot of grass, leaves, bamboo, bark, and roots. It is very sad that the elephant is endangered because of humans building on their land and because of global warming. Elephants are great and it would be very sad to see such a great animal go away.

Sea Otters--A.A.

An interesting animal is walking around eating clams. Sea otter! The sea otters is about four feet long, has a big brown nose, and does not have blubber (fat) to keep it warm. My animal lives in Japan and its habitat also stretches along the coast to Siberia and Alaska, British Columbia, Washington, Oregon, and Baja California. My animal's diet is sea urchins, abalone, mussels, clam, crabs, snails, and about forty other marine species. There are about several hundred thousand of them. Hopefully, the sea otter will not die.

Black Footed Ferret--L.D.

I feel so bad for the black footed ferrets because they are going extinct! The black footed ferrets live in Mexico and Canada. The ferret has a tan body with black legs and feet, a black tip on their tail, and a black mask. Their legs are short, front paws are large, and their claws developed for digging. The ferrets eat prairie dogs, ground squirrels, small rodents, rabbits, and birds. The black footed ferret is endangered because of widespread destruction. I really hope black footed ferrets stay alive forever!

Cloud Leopard--R.B.

The cloud leopard has an amazing life and it is one of the most beautiful creatures, but it is being endangered so it's having a hard time. Cloud leopards have black spots with white lines around them and their skin is tan. This animal lives in Southeast Asia, Nepal, Southern China, Burma, Sumatra, Borneo, and Java. This type of leopard eats everything from birds to monkeys and wild pigs. Cloud Leopards are endangered because of illegal hunting, rapid habitat destruction like logging and forest fragmentation, and being skinned by China. Cloud Leopards aren't just normal animals, and they need us to live, so please help cloud leopards.


It is a true fact that this bat is endangered. Someday this animal might disappear. Bats look like a bird. Their wings look like a hand and their feet look like a mouse's foot. Bats live almost anywhere except the polar regions and deserts with extreme heat. Bats eat small birds, lizards, and frogs. The bat is endangered because people have set their habitat on fire and people eat them. If you want to keep this kind species alive, DO NOT HARM THEM.


I feel really sad about the tiger because people are hunting the animal. All tigers are orange, white, and black. Tigers eat dogs, leopards, water buffalo, antelope, and hares. They live in Asia. People in Asia go into the forest and hunt the animal. People who kill tigers are really mean and disgust me!


Lynx is a species that is endangered and that needs help. This animal has long ears, a short tail, and large paws that act like snow shoes in very deep snow. The lynx lives in the United States and lives in the forest. Lynxes eat mice, vole, grouse, red squirrels, and ptarmigan. The threat is we are hunting them and destroying their habitat. The lynx is an endangered animal and we need your help.

Mexican Spotted Owl--T.J.D.

There are going to be a lot of mice and rats outside if we do not do anything to save the Mexican spotted owl. The Mexican spotted owl has dark black eyes. It has spots on its stomach and wings. The owl's habitat is in tress or Mexican lands. The owl eats mice, rats, small birds, and bugs. Its threats are humans cutting down Mexican forests and deserts. So next time you're about to throw away a piece of paper, put it in recycling so this owl can live.

Northern Spotted Owl--R.C.

The Northern spotted owl is an animal that can blend in better than most owls. It is brown with white spots. It is eighteen inches high. It lives in forests of Northern California and Canada. Its diet is wood rats, mice, and other small rodents. It is endangered. People are cutting down where it lives. Animals like these don't deserve to go extinct.

Burrowing Owl--C.B.S.

The animal that stops rodents from ruling world may disappear someday soon. The burrowing owl has brown and white fur all over the body to blend in with the dirt. It has a brown beak and it usually has light yellow eyes. Its habitat is in Mississippi, Florida, South America, Canadian Prairie, and the Caribbean islands. In late Spring and early Summer, they eat mammals such as moles and mice. The rest of the year they eat insects, especially grasshoppers and beetles. They are also known to eat birds, amphibians, and reptiles. The reason they're endangered is because of habitat destruction. So the next time you are going to build on to your house, look around and make sure you are not ruining any burrows. You wouldn't want this wonderful animal to go to waste!


If we don't stop hunting tigers, these animals will be wiped off the face of the earth. Tigers are beautiful animals with orange fur. They also have black stripes and white on their bellies and paws. Tigers live in South and Southeast Asia, China, and Russia in the far East. Tigers eat wild pigs, water buffalo, and antelope. They also attack sloth bears, dogs, leopards, crocodiles, pythons, monkeys, and hares. Threats to tigers are mainly humans because humans will illegally kill them for wealth, for fear that tigers will attack a human, and for traditional Chinese medicines. People also destroy a tiger's habitat. These animals are worth saving for their beauty, their strength, and their fierceness.


The soaring hummingbirds are being killed for their feathers. They mostly live in the Western Hemisphere. They have iridescent feathers and a long, tapered bill. They eat flower nectar, tree sap, insects, and pollen. Their feathers are their threat because they are pretty and people want them. If I was a hummingbird I would fly every day!

Swift Fox--W.B.

Sometimes in your attic or basement you see mice. It's like that outside but you don't always see them. If there would be no swift fox, there will be lots and lots of mice. The swift fox lives in the great plains of North America. They also live in the prairies of North America. They are brown and yellow tan colors on the sides of their legs. The swift fox eats rabbits, prairie dogs, mice, birds, berries, and seeds. One of the main threats is their habitat. The grass lands are becoming conservation areas. It would be sad if the swift fox went extinct because there would be lots of mice and if they carried parasites, lots of people in the future could die.


Imagine if you were a giraffe. You have a light brown body and dark brown spots. You have very long legs and also a long neck. You have horns that are five inches tall. You live in the savannas of Africa. You roam freely along tall trees and open plains. You eat leaves and acacia trees. You can live seven days without water because the leaves you eat give you enough water to stay hydrated. Now this is the part that is sad. You are being killed for your meat, fur, and sewing beads and bracelets. Those are some important facts about this animal and why we should not kill them anymore.

Koala Bear--C.S.

I would be crushed if my child didn't get to see a beautiful Koala. Koala bears look like wool fur. There's long white hair on the tips of their fur. They have long, white fur and short, black fur under it. They are small and round and are very chubby. They're about 30 pounds. Koala bears live in Australia, and Queensland in South Australia. Their habitat is eucalyptus forest, coastal islands, and low woodlands. Koalas eat bark from twelve different eucalyptus trees, leaves, and mistletoe. Koalas are endangered because of major declines in their populations. People would hunt for poor little koala bear's fur. So please, save the koalas. My kids want to see them.


What if you would never see a panda again? Well, I'm going to tell you a little bit about them so you don't need to forget about them too fast. Well, they have patches of black and white around their eyes and their ears. They live in the mountains and the lowlands of Central, Western, and Southern China. The places in China are Suchuan, Shaanx, and Gansu Provinces. Pandas eat flowers, vines, tufted grasses, green corn, honey, and rodents, as last, but not least, they are endangered because they are losing their habitat and the stuff they eat is dying. Please help the pandas!

Killer Whale--M.D.

If we don't stop, we might never see a killer whale again. The killer whale is white on the bottom with white eyes, and the rest is black. Also, the killer whale lives in the Arctic and Antarctic. The killer whale eats fish, squid, birds, and marine animals. Also, the killer whale is endangered because of chemicals and pollution. So please help the killer whale.

The European Bat--J.M.R.

What has three long fingers, is a mammal, and can fly? Bingo--the bat, an eerie, yet misunderstood animal. The European bat has three long fingers that hold its wing membranes. Its hands are almost human. Also, though they look like rodents, they 're actually mammals. The common diet of the bat is usually insects, but some eat fruit, and a few like blood. That kind of bat has a sort of pain reliever so it won't hurt. Unfortunately bats face threats, like people who believe the whole "bats equal blood thirsty vampires" stories. They also suffer from people's carelessness, lighting fires in caves and accidentally burning bats like a Chinese pepper pot. I just hope that people would take more time to learn about these amazing creatures and I hope this essay will help.

Giant Panda--A.H.

It would be a sad thing if your children never saw a panda bear. The panda bear is black, white, and sometimes a little gray. The panda bear used to be found in the mountains of Central China. Pandas like to eat bamboo, flowers, vines, tufted grasses, green corn, honey, and rodents. That sounds like a great appetite. The giant pandas are losing their habitat and people are taking their bamboo. Help save the giant panda so your kids could see them.


The world of Africa would be dreadful without striped zebras! Striped zebras look like...well...their stripes are wonderful because they have black and white stripes to confuse other predators by standing in a group. Zebras eat many varieties of grass and maybe the grass where you live. Zebras live in South Africa because it is a good temperature for them. Zebras are getting endangered because they are being hunted down and shot at! So try to stop killing thousands of poor zebras!

Snowy Owls--L.P.

Stop! Stop shooting and save your friends that are white and cute--the snowy owl. If you don't know what they look like, these are some notes. The snowy owl has an under layer with brown and black spots. They have generous eyes and furry feet. This bird lives in North America and Alaska. My animal will eat rats, mice and lemmings. This poor animal is endangered because people who don't care shoot them. Let's put a stop to it. Go snowy owl!

Peregrine Falcon--P.R.

Don't shoot the peregrine falcon because they are beautiful and a part of life. They have a sharp gold beak, a big wingspan and sharp, green eyes. They mostly live in South America. They eat songbirds, ducks, and bats. My animal is endangered because of the use of DDT and DDE. The peregrine falcom is important because it helps you catch rodents that eat fruits and vegetables in your garden. So don't hurt the peregrine falcon!

Grey Wolf--E.L

There is one animal that is endangered and that animal is the grey wolf. The animal looks like they are almost a German Shepherd. They can also be black and white. People say that they can weigh up to 55 pounds. Wolves were once common throughout North America. Today their range is reduced in Canada. The grey wolf eats mammals. It really likes elk and deer and it is also know to eat beaver. It also has other prey. Their biggest threat is humans. We don't want this endangered species to be extinct because it would change some of the ecosystem.

Killer Whale--G.H.

The killer whale is very beautiful but most people have never seen one and probably never will. Killer whales are almost extinct from the world. Killer whales have long rounded bodies and large dorsal fins that are marked with white patches. Killer whales are found in coastal waters and open ocean. They eat fish, squid, and many more sea creatures. Killer whales are becoming extinct because of pollution and chemical contamination and I think it would be really sad if these beautiful creatures become extinct.