Thursday, February 26, 2009

The European Bat--J.M.R.

What has three long fingers, is a mammal, and can fly? Bingo--the bat, an eerie, yet misunderstood animal. The European bat has three long fingers that hold its wing membranes. Its hands are almost human. Also, though they look like rodents, they 're actually mammals. The common diet of the bat is usually insects, but some eat fruit, and a few like blood. That kind of bat has a sort of pain reliever so it won't hurt. Unfortunately bats face threats, like people who believe the whole "bats equal blood thirsty vampires" stories. They also suffer from people's carelessness, lighting fires in caves and accidentally burning bats like a Chinese pepper pot. I just hope that people would take more time to learn about these amazing creatures and I hope this essay will help.

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