Thursday, February 26, 2009


Koalas have always been a favorite animal to many people, but that could end someday soon. Koalas have soft grey fur, gray on the top, white on the bottom. They also have white hairs on their eartips. They have little black eyes and black noses. Koalas have sharp claws so they can hug and cling on to trees. The Koalas range stretches all the way across Australia. Today they can be found in Queensland, new South Wales, Victoria, and South America. Koalas eat mostly leaves, such as eucalyptus tree leaves and tree bark. They can consume mistletoe and box leaves. Once, numbering in the millions, Koalas suffered major declines in population during the 1920s when they were hunted for their soft fur. Also, dogs kills about 4,000 Koalas yearly! I hope someday you will help Koalas population increase!

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