Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Apollo CA

Apollo was a handsome god. He took the form of a young man. Apollo had blond curly hair and no beard. Sometimes Apollo took the form of a dolphin.
Apollo has many symbols and functions. The lyre was one symbol because he was the god of music and light. The bow was his symbol because he and his sister, Artimis, were great hunters. The sun was his symbol because he was the god of light. He also was the god of healing.
Apollo has down many interesting things. Although the most interesting thing he has down is when he killed the serpent Gaia. Gaia was the old patron goddess of Delphi, but when he found out that the serpent tried to kill his mother, Leto, he set off to kill it. He did and claimed Delphi for himself.
Some people would ask what would Apollo say about the world today? I think he would love that music as pretty much taken over the world. Although it think he would hate the pollution because it blocks out the sun.

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