Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Zeus D.T.W.


Zeus was a very powerful god. He was Greek and was also the king of all of the gods and goddesses. He was big and strong. He looked like a hairy wig from the sky. In fact he was the god of the sky. He also controlled thunderstorms and rain and lightning.

He was the god of all gods. To use his power he used lightning bolts to gain attention and to make others fear him. He also brought order to his Greek community by threatening to hurl lightning bolts to destruct the rule breakers.

One of the very fascinating things about Zeus is that his brothers and sisters were swallowed by his father Cornus. Later in his life, he made his father vomit up his sisters and brothers. Also, one of his other names was Jupiter.

Zeus would think that the amount of pollution was so bad he might destroy something unnecessary like cars and factories. He might interfere in the war between Iraq and USA. He might also think that elections are stupid because he wants to rule everybody and everything. Zeus was awesome and now he is like dust in the wind.


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