Thursday, March 29, 2007

6-year-old Courage

Imagine going to a new school with new kids and basically a new life. But in this school, everyone hates you, and not because you're mean, but simply because you are black. This is exactly what Ruby Bridges did at the age of six when she enrolled in William Frantz Elementary School in 1960. The only teacher that was willing to teach Ruby was named Barbara Henry. All of the other teachers refused to teach a black student. But this was a small punishment compared to what other white kids were threatening to do. In fact, Ruby needed federal marshal's protection to enter the school. Becoming a part of an all-white school took an immense amount of courage, but this six year old girl did it. Thanks to her and many other freedom-fighters, kids of all colors and ages can now come to the same school and live without fear or racism. Now, Ruby Bridges has four kids and a husband, living the life no black person could have imagined back then. But thankfully, "back then" is not now.

-E.R. and E.S.


CSS Library said...

What a great opening sentence! You are blogging like an experienced blogger! Excellent work! ~Mrs. P

CSS Library said...

I could really imagine this event in history. It is really sad that white people treated blacks so poorly. Nice Job!!!!


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Great job! I liked the opening and closing sentances.