Thursday, March 29, 2007

Little Rock Nine

Little Rock Nine were a group of nine African-American high school students, who were prevented from attending Little Rock Central high in 1954. In that group were:
Ernest Green
Elizabeth Eckford
Jefferson Thomas
Terrence Roberts
Carlotta Walls Lanier
Minnijean Brown-Trickey
Gloria Ray Karlmark
Thelma Mothershed-wair
Melba Patillis

On September 27, 1957, they were allowed to go to school. But that wasn't the end of their troubles. Once they were in school, they faced mobs and gangs who wanted them to leave, and would do anything to make that happen.

What Little Rock Nine did was important because they started desegregated schools and they were brave enough to go through mobs who threatened to kill them.

Because of Little Rock Nine, everybody is allowed to go to any public school, use bathrooms and water fountains and lots of other things, are desegregated.

Also, African-American people can go to college and get good jobs

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