Thursday, March 29, 2007

The Freedom Riders

The freedom riders were a group of people, both black and white, who traveled around the county to help stop segregation. Some of the riders included James L Farmer, William Mahoney, John Lewis, Jim Zwerg, James Peck, George Bundy Smith, Fredrish Leonard, William Stone Coffin, and many others totaling to 436 riders. The leader of the riders was James L. Farmer, and 3/4 of the riders were under 30. The rides took place on May 4, 1961, because of the court decision Bonton vs. Virginia in 1960. They followed each other in "sit-ins" of segregated lunches. They forced the U.S. to create anti-segregation laws. They wanted to change segregation laws because the blacks weren't treated as well as others. The freedom riders helped change how we are today by influencing people to help boycott and take a part in a sit-in. They were an effective, non-violent group that worked together to help end segregation.

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