Thursday, March 29, 2007

The Freedom Riders

The Freedom Riders were a group of people who were fighting for racial equality and civil rights. They would go on buses from town to town trying to convince people to help them.
Some of the most known freedom riders include:
  • James L. Farmer
  • William Mahoney
  • John Louis
  • Jim Zwerg
  • James Peck
  • George Bundy Smith
  • Fredrick Leonard
Not only were they black, but they had whites fighting also. 3/4 of the people were under 30 years old.
Their rides of freedom began in Washington D.C. in May 4, 1961. They continued their journey throughout the south. They had many encounters with violence along the way. One event was when one Greyhound bus they were traveling in was firebombed, and another a group of them were beaten in a alley way by racists.
What they did eventually put a stop to segregation and discrimination in our nation.

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